When a day goes bad…


Yesterday, I started the day off great.  I was on my way to my still very fresh new job.  I left my perfectly trained dog in my spotless, cleaned house.  My wife was on her way to work in our car that we bought almost two years ago for a sweet deal!  The day was going great.  In just a few hours we’d be on our way to look at houses with our real estate agent, Lori.

After my day at work, I left to go visit the first house on our schedule, but then, I received a phone call from Mandy, my wife letting me know that the car was overheating.  Smoke was pouring out of the hood and from the exhaust in the back.  She stopped the car on the side of the road, and we continued to go visit our prospective houses.  This was the scene after the house hunting:

We had it towed right back to place it got belt changes just the day before.  After a long day of waiting, I was told it would likely be around $1200 to fix it.  That’s a tough pill to swallow.  We didn’t pay much more than that when we bought the car (I told you it was a sweet deal).  Pending the final estimate, I may purchasing a new car along with our housing choices soon.

We’re thinking about buying a house in Leeds.  Think this looks okay?

Theyre still building it.  This is what itll look like.

They're still building it. This is what it'll look like.


The house I’m linking to is the same model as the one we’re thinking about purchasing, just in a different neighborhood.


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