I can’t believe this…


Today I did something I never thought I’d do… I ended up at a Kia dealership.

Because of our recent car trouble, we’re more than likely about to have to purchase a vehicle.  I’ve debated on which direction to take it.  One option being to just pay to fix our Mazda (the price of course being a major factor and one that we still don’t know the exact number).  Another option is to purchase a used car.  This is the choice I would most likely have foreseen if you asked me about a situation like this a few months ago.  The third option is the one I’ve never been able to justify — buying a brand new car.

I’ve always been the type of person whose been fine driving a car that’s just good enough to get you where you need to go.  In fact, I’m still driving the same truck that won me the “Most Likley to be on Pimp My Ride” award in high school over four years ago.  Our Mazda certainly was a step up from the older truck in terms of newness, but it’s of course not something to brag on.  Having a really nice car has just never been a huge priority in my life; but now that I’m faced with the situation of needing to get something new, I’m having second thoughts about this new car thing.

Kia’s amazing warranty has always attracted my attention, especially now that our main car is down for the count.  Any moving part inside the vehicle is 100% covered under Kia’s warranty.  It even comes with a 6 year cosmetic warranty.  It’s really the nicest deal on the market right now.  Say what you want about a Kia breaking down on you, but why does it matter if you’re not going to have to pay for it?

Sure, you’re paying for it in its new car price, I get that… but it still is really nice to not have to worry about dishing out big bulks of cash on fixing you car.

The one we’re looking at is the Kia Soul.  At the dealership tonight, this was the main focus of our salesman.  He gave us a very nice presentation on the all the specs of the vehicle:  Safety features, fuel efficiency, audio system, and many other features that make the car very attractive.  One of the things that made Mandy smile was the way the side speakers pulsated with light whenever the music plays.  Our salesman was really somewhat of a soulful man (no pun intended) and really liked the jazz music played loud.

The dealership experience for me was actually a very enjoyable one.  I liked listening to the salesman routine.  I enjoyed the Snickers bar he gave each of us as we left.  This guy was pretty good… still though, the debate continues.  Who knows what we should do?  Get a cheap car that could break down on us soon or get something with a warranty that I feel good about driving to Savannah every six weeks?


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