Things I’m Loving at the Moment


Today I got the new Dave Matthews Band album.. it’s their first studio album since I was in high school, and it’s amazing.  Listen to it here (click on the image below).

A while back, I used to put my face on other people’s bodies for my facebook profile pics… here’s some examples below:

I’ve recently found a way to do this with video footage.  I’ll be running some tests later on this week at the church to see if we’ll be able to use this technique for the At the Movies series later on this fall.

Canon HV20

A couple months ago I picked this up for a steal at a Wolf Camera that was going out of business.  It’s a small HDV camera that shoots excellent video.  Being so small, I’m able to carry this around with me in my bag whenever I want, without the hastle of a bigger camera.  It doesn’t have all the features of the big boy cameras, but this thing is perfect for home use.


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  1. – im excited you have a blog now!

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