Bass Pro


It’s hard not to want to be an outdoorsman when walking around the Bass Pro Shop.  With all the camouflage, stuffed deer and guns around you, only a man’s man gets respect walking through this store… and I am not one to fit the part.

Since it was raining all day today, we wanted to go somewhere we could take Hatch to get him out of the apartment and Bass Pro allows leashed dogs in the store.  Hatch did a pretty good job around all the kids and fake animals, one being a fake dog.

This Bass Pro was a lot bigger than the one in Savannah.  It’s a stand alone store in the middle of the woods.  Around the back it has a pond, picnic areas, and a hiking trail.  Hatch loved to be off the leash in the open area.

We also wanted to go check out the progress on the potential house and the Bass Pro is just a few minutes down the road from construction.  They’ve got the windows in and the framing is just about done.  They’re about to get started on the wiring.

To be honest, I’m still not totally sold on the house.  It’s definitely the right house for the price… my concern is completely the location.  I’m worried about resale and whether we’ll be happy being so far from Hoover and actual Birmingham.  This is certainly something we’ll be praying about this month.  We still have about six weeks until we’re fully committed to the house.


One Response to “Bass Pro”

  1. 1 Garry

    The house is looking great – I find it amazing how quickly they put these things up when it’s takes me weeks to build a shed!
    The ‘dog watering station’ pic is fantastic too btw… surprised Lalali hasn’t been harassing you for the weekly comp…
    (aka Rev)

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