Birmingham Dream Center


Over 5000 times in the Bible, it mentions that Christians are supposed to care for widows and orphans.  It’s not just something that God is suggesting we do if we feel like it… if you’re a Christian, you just do it.  I’m so proud to be apart of a church that takes this Biblical truth seriously and has made an permanent investment in taking care of the poor on a daily and significant basis.

The Birmingham Dream Center is located in the center of Woodlawn; a struggling area only a few miles from Church of the Highlands.  The Dream Center includes a health center that will provide for the needs of the community that was previously without any healthcare facility.

Dozens of outreach programs will be launched in the coming weeks.  This past Saturday, the Dream Center was opened to the community.  The church started the day with its small groups surrounding the Woodlawn community and meeting its needs.  Here is a small taste of the day:


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  1. leave it to an actual video editor with the right stuff to show up my cheapey flip video in imove Dream Center Video…punk!

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