The Frustration…


When our car broke down a few months ago, we purchased a new car… a car that needed a new Alabama state registration tag.  The problems with this come from our driver’s licenses.  Since we’re from Georgia, we have Georgia driver’s licenses.  There’s been no need to change them since we’re moving out of our apartment in a few months.  This car thing threw a kink into that plan of waiting until we get a permanent house…. with a new car comes the need for a new tag… and Alabama tag that is.  This is something that we cannot get with our Georgia driver’s licenses.

You are now probably asking, well why not just get an Alabama driver’s license?  I would… if I could.  There seems to be no accurate information available as to how to get my driver’s license switched over from my out of state license over to an Alabama one.  I’ve tried calling the court offices, trooper’s post and looked all over the web.  The Jefferson county website isn’t even working.  One state website says I have to get it changed over at a state trooper’s office… the lady who I talk to at this office says this is not true.  “Just go to your local license post.”

When I call this local license post telephone number, I just get ringing after ringing… come to find out, this office along with three others were closed a few weeks ago.  The newspaper says that the county is now encouraging people to get their licenses’ in other counties due to the long lines since the closings… I can see it now.  I drive down to Pelham to get my license and they say, “Sorry sir.  You must get this in the county you live in.”  To add to the frustration, I’ll need my birth certificate to get my license at any of these places… this is something I also don’t have with me.  It’s probably up in my mom’s closet in some box for safe keeping.

Because of all these issues, I’ll be driving from Birmingham to Savannah tomorrow with no tag on my car, hoping that the police along the way let me pass right on through.  I’ll be sure to drive the speed limit the entire way.  With the insurance changes, expenses in licensese, tags and other general hastles, it seems much more complicated than it should be.


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