The Dinner Nap


Since getting my first full time job, I’ve gotten into a peculiar habit I’ve grown to love: The Dinner Nap.

After a long day at work and eating a large meal, nothing feels better than curling up in the bed and taking a few hours to shed off the stress and pressures of the day.  Taking naps are nothing new to the world, but what makes the Dinner Nap strange is the timing of it.

In my house, dinner takes place around seven in the evening.  This puts us finishing up around 7:30.  Here’s where the Dinner Nap slot should be.  Go to bed half past seven… wake up around 9:15.  It’s the perfect timing, for the perfect nap.  You’ll wake up refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for a whole new part of the day you didn’t know existed.

When taking a Dinner Nap, one can stay up to once thought unheard of hours of the night.  When I take my Dinner Nap, it’s not unusual for me to hit the sack around three in the morning then wake back up at 8am and feel great!  The special timing of the nap allows your body to recharge just enough to keep you going longer to get more done.

Think about it… after dinner, many people spend the rest of their night just winding down the rest of the day, getting ready for bed.  When taking a Dinner Nap, you can use that time re-energizing your body and mind, you’ll wake up to finish whatever else you desire for the day, whether it be cleaning the house, finishing a work project, putting together a puzzle or even read your Bible if you haven’t yet.

I won’t lie… if not done correctly, the Dinner Nap can really ruin your day.  If you don’t wake up before two hours of sleeping, you’ve pretty much slept too long to wake up and go on with your day like normal and entirely too short for a full night’s sleep.  If your body won’t wake up on its own, just set an alarm to wake you.

You’re probably thinking this idea is absurd.  “It’s weird to go straight to the bed after dinner for sleep time!  Why would anybody want to take one of these things?!”  My answer is this:

I know…  I know it’s weird.  I’m just suggesting that you try it.  I can genuinely say that the Dinner Nap can add so much to your day.


2 Responses to “The Dinner Nap”

  1. I do the sort of dinner nap…but i do it right after work and before dinner. I get home from work and curl up for about an hour nap and then make dinner and eat and then spend time with the husband and can also stay up late and feel great. I think that it is a secret key to life…napping is amazing…it keeps me sane.

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