The Lesser of Two Evils


I’m about to buy a movie ticket for $13.25.  You read that right… thirteen dollars and twenty-five cents.  Can you believe that?  Yes, it is for the most anticipated movie of the year that’s supposed to change the movie industry… Yes, it is in Real-D…  Yes, it is James Cameron’s first feature film since Titanic… however… I’m just appalled at that price.

I’m only doing it for the social aspect.  It’s a nice event for what looks to be a cool movie.  It’s just hard to swallow when earlier this month I paid $1.00 for a movie ticket, only that time it was at the notorious dollar theater, just a mile from our house.  Don’t wear your nice clothes here.  You might get your shirt stuck to the chair or leave with a permanent stain from the soiled seats.  Make sure you wear shoes that you don’t mind getting residue stuck on from cokes that spilled most likely from a few days before.

We were warned before our trip to the dollar theater of all these problems we might face, so we came prepared.  The question is on what side of these two ends of the spectrum best?  The overpriced glitze and glamor of seeing a movie at the Rave in Real-D or taking the cheap route and getting no surround sound and a possible case of fungus spreading on your clothes?  I’ll take option 2 in most cases.  I think a buck is a good enough deal to rough it most of the time.  The other option is frankly just too expensive to do on a consistent basis… but on special occasions, such as the midnight showing of Avatar on opening night, I’ll suck up the thirteen dollars and twenty-five cents.


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