First Year in Birmingham


A year ago today, the wife, the dog and I packed up a Ryder truck full of our stuff and moved to Birmingham. I’d completed my college classes and had an internship at Student Life which is located in Hoover. The first three months of 2009, I spent four to five days a week traveling across the country on Student Life‘s Live Love Conference Tour.  This was especially tough on Mandy since we were in a new place where she didn’t know a soul and me sometimes 800 miles away!

The entire time I was on the road with SL, I was looking for my first full time job.  At the last two weeks of my internship, I was applying for jobs that I didn’t even care about!  After many job applications put in and zero callbacks or job interviews, I was thinking I may have to pack up all our stuff again and move back to Savannah.  On our last tour stop in Oklahoma, I found a job at a church in Birmingham for a video editor position.  We had visited many different churches while in Birmingham but hadn’t yet heard of Church of the Highlands.  To quickly sum it up, I got the job, we love the church and it all couldn’t have worked out much better.

A whole lot has happened since we’ve been in Birmingham and we’ve missed some big things in Savannah.  Here’s a small list of things in our lives since the big move.

Moving Day

Shooting in Nashville

Zoo Visit

Live Love Tour

Car Died… Bought New Car

House We Signed On… (We didn’t end up buying it)

4th of July Visitors

2nd Anniversary Trip to Atlanta

First Visit to See Shawn

Hoover Scarecrow Festival

Jack-O-Lantern Carving

Moving Again

Second Visit to See Shawn

Camping Trip

Christmas in Birmingham

Christmas Vacation

Looking back on this year, I really couldn’t have asked for a better one.  I love my family, my job, my church and my friends.


2 Responses to “First Year in Birmingham”

  1. You guys have had a great year, and you give us hope for survival as newlyweds on the move next year.

  2. 2 Denny Hodges

    We are glad you are part of the Highlands family.

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