The Dog Hair Problem


Those who have shedding dogs will feel the pain in this post.  Today we got fed up with the little pieces and patches of Hatch’s dog hair we have in our house, on our clothes, in our car, and just about any place we associate ourselves with! We went to the car and vacuumed every nook and cranny.  We wiped down inside the cup holders, in the side pockets, all around the dashboard and still there’s some of those little tiny strands of annoyance that just won’t seem to budge.

You’d think that a short haired dog would be better than the alternative when it comes to dog hair but I beg the differ.  At least with a long haired dog the hair is thin and will pick up easily.  Hatch’s hair literally clings to anything cloth that it touches. Just a lint roller or a quick vacuum won’t do the job.  You’ve got to spend hours picking the last pieces of it up by tweezers if you want all of it out.

The sickening part is, even when you’ve got it all clean, it’s just going to get bad again by next week.  His hair goes from him, to our clothes, to whatever else we’re around… which brings me to what I think is the solution of this problem:

Daily Brushing

I know…. seems obvious, but the problem is simple.  If one brushes his dog daily and controls the hair that needs to shed, then there is no more hair to shed onto things you don’t want hair on.  This problem began to be solved today. I present to you day one of fixing Hatch’s hair problem.


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