A Cleanse


You ever go through a stage where you just want everything in your life to be clean?  I’m certainly in one of those stages in my life right now and not just physical cleanliness like the cleanliness of a room;  I’m also cleaning up the way I organize my computer files at work, tossing out the clothes I don’t wear often and even thinking about the the cleanliness of the food I’m putting into my body.

Recently, our church participated in a 21 day fast and over the course of it I learned how refreshing it was just to eat natural, healthy, wholesome foods.  After three weeks of no grease, fats, or sweets, you’d be surprised how sensitive your mouth becomes to all the garbage that’s in just about all the foods we eat.  I watched a documentary that added fuel to the fire and that I’d recommend everybody to watch.  Here’s the trailer below.

[blip.tv ?posts_id=2039763&dest=-1]

This cleanse has all the typical makings that new year’s resolutions bring that usually fade quickly. Hopefully I can break the trend of previous attempts of removing the clutter in all the areas of my life.


One Response to “A Cleanse”

  1. 1 Rosemarie Guevara-Herkes

    yeah, i’m in that stage as well. there are so many things i want to get rid off and really organize my entire home

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