I just finished up my fourth read of the year with Dave Cullen’s book that took ten years to assemble. It tells the entire story of Columbine in a readable way; all the way from the early stages of the the kids’ downfall all the way to the recent, newly-discovered facts about one of the memorable days in the 90’s.

It’s such a sad story on so many levels, from the killers’ surprised and deeply hurt parents, to the terrible instructions given to the kids/staff trapped inside the building, the handling of the investigation by the County officials, court rulings and suing, and the media’s presentation of the case. What you most likely think about Columbine is probably not accurate and the book does a great job of making the tragic story worth the read.

Cullen takes you deep into the stories of the victims, survivors, parents and the minds of Eric and Dylan. Cullen draws from many resources such as journal entries, police reports, interviews, and the Basement Tapes. It’s amazing how different the story of Columbine truly played out compared to what we all watched on TV for all those weeks. It was truly a miracle that only 13 lives were taken that day because it had the capability to reach deaths into the thousands.

If you’re looking for a good read that will bring out compassion in your heart, go check out Columbine.


One Response to “Columbine”

  1. 1 benterry

    I picked this up after you saying you were liking it. I’m excited to begin reading it!

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