The first quarter of 2010 has brought many challenges into my life.  In February, Mandy and I added Shawn to our family.  I can’t tell you how quickly we attached to him.  We love him so much and though things have worked out as well as you could ever hope for, he still has brought new challenges into our lives.  In addition to Shawn, we now know that in November we’ll be expecting baby number two!  These new responsibilities pose many important questions:  How do we jump into parenting a one year old suddenly with a second child coming very soon?  When will Mandy and I ever be able to spend time together without babies screaming bloody murder?  How do we pay for all the added expenses?

The warmness of Spring has brought in the challenges of nature.  As a new homeowner, I now have the fun task of taking on weekly, weekend yardwork.  Lawnmoving, weeding, and trimming present new challenges that I watched my dad take on my as a son.  Now it’s my turn to be the dad and sweat it up on Saturday mornings to work on my farmers tan.

This year we’ve made the transition at work into shooting with more cinema style video cameras.  This has brought a whole set of challenges when it comes to our workflow and how we go about setting up and editing our video productions.  We now record sound separately from video and sync it up with our video in post.  Here’s an example of a video we recently made.

Challenges are a good thing.  They can make you a stronger, more capable person.  They can give you the experience to deal with future obstacles and difficulties that will come in the future.  You can challenge yourself when you see something in your life that you want to make better.  Earlier this year, I challenged myself to start reading at least one book, cover to cover, each month.  Not only have I learned a great deal through taking on this task, I’ve actually really enjoyed it and many times have read much more than I ever thought I could.  Challenges are usually looked at as a negative when you first take a look at them… but when you look back at them they usually bring out many positives to be proud of.


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