This week at work, we had the opportunity to honor Mr. Robert Hodges (Mr. Bob), the Church Administrator, who has been an amazing leader in our church with special exception in the area of our finances.

At Highlands, we have VERY strict protocols when it comes to finances.  Budgets for each department must be made and kept, every receipt must be turned in within 15 days of purchase, and perhaps one of the most well known in the office, all purchases over $250 must be requested and approved by many levels of before buying.

I could go on and on with details, but just know that with all the rules, approval processes and paperwork, Mr. Bob instituted them so that God’s money would be protected and spent cautiously and wisely. Because of these practices, which were instituted at birth, Highlands’ financial condition is very healthy and lives in good stewardship.

After ten years of service, the time has come for Mr. Bob to retire and to honor him we had a retirement dinner with all the staff and leaders within the church. To play our part in the evening, the video team produced this video along with the help of the rest of the Highlands staff.

ps… that last little line is just for fun on this blog post  😉


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