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Despite our rule this year of not getting each other an anniversary gift, Mandy couldn’t resist and still got me a small gift for our third year anniversary. The gift is the ESV Journaling Bible. The translation is my favorite and the type of Bible she picked out is really unique. It looks a lot […]



I just finished up my fourth read of the year with Dave Cullen’s book that took ten years to assemble. It tells the entire story of Columbine in a readable way; all the way from the early stages of the the kids’ downfall all the way to the recent, newly-discovered facts about one of the memorable […]



It’s 1:45am on a Sunday morning and I have to wake up at 6:00am to go play guitar at church. I should be fast asleep getting rested for my early morning but I can’t sleep.  Partly because of the two cups of coffee I drank while reading tonight and partly because of what I was […]