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Last week, we had the opportunity to make a really fun promo for our upcoming church series, At the Movies. In the series, we edit our pastor into a movie that contains Biblical truths… basically, we try to create modern day parables. To promote the series, we like to produce funny ads that give a […]



This week at work, we had the opportunity to honor Mr. Robert Hodges (Mr. Bob), the Church Administrator, who has been an amazing leader in our church with special exception in the area of our finances. At Highlands, we have VERY strict protocols when it comes to finances.  Budgets for each department must be made […]

A Day


Even though I get a lot done most days at work, when looking at what I physically do in a day, it’s actually quite sad.  I pretty much stare at a screen all day with little breaks of talking, eating, and going to the restroom with coffee stops.  This video sums it up: In that […]



The first quarter of 2010 has brought many challenges into my life.  In February, Mandy and I added Shawn to our family.  I can’t tell you how quickly we attached to him.  We love him so much and though things have worked out as well as you could ever hope for, he still has brought […]

“At the Movies” is one of those series that you can really have fun with and try out some things that you might not usually get to play around with as with the more traditional series.   This idea came from a tutorial I watched a long time ago on how to make it look […]

Over 5000 times in the Bible, it mentions that Christians are supposed to care for widows and orphans.  It’s not just something that God is suggesting we do if we feel like it… if you’re a Christian, you just do it.  I’m so proud to be apart of a church that takes this Biblical truth […]

Kids Say…


Kids are funny.  If you put a camera in front of enough of them and ask the right questions, you can’t help but be able to get a great video out of it.  One of my first tasks at Highlands was to make a similar video to this one for Mother’s Day and it was […]