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I’m a coffee lover. There’s just something about sipping that hot goodness out of a cup that really soothes my soul. It really doesn’t matter what time of day it is, I’m good to go on a cup of joe. Even during the summertime, I drink two cups a day minimum. We collect mugs and […]

This past month I’ve had project after project of side video work come through the door. Usually I’ll get a project every couple months or so, but in May, I had five projects on the calendar and I haven’t had much spare time. After lots of debating, I decided it was time to sell my […]



I’m in Mississippi… and I’ve eaten myself sick with junk food from the snacks that were waiting for me in the hotel room. I’m shooting a wedding this weekend for a friend of mine who I did camp with in the summer of 2007.  I don’t particularly enjoy shooting weddings, but I do find it […]

Why Do I Want?


Why do I want so many things? I have a list, and it’s a lot of stuff. The amount of stuff that I want to buy totals up to be a lot of money… and I’m not talking about a deep list, I’m talking about just the stuff I realistically want to buy today! Canon […]



The first quarter of 2010 has brought many challenges into my life.  In February, Mandy and I added Shawn to our family.  I can’t tell you how quickly we attached to him.  We love him so much and though things have worked out as well as you could ever hope for, he still has brought […]



Every once in a while, it’s good to take a break and do something different with your weeknight. Mandy has been wanting to build a fire in the backyard for weeks — and for weeks I’ve been too tired, too cold, or too lazy to get up from my chair and give my girl this […]

Snow Day


Everybody loves a good snow day!  Today, we were given the day off from work due to the snow.  About 11:30, the snow started falling.  Shawn didn’t know whether to be excited or to be scared.  Hatch loved every second of it.  Here’s a few snapshots of Shawn’s first snow day. Click on photo to […]

For just over a year, Mandy and I have been working with Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services and Alabama’s Department of Human Resources to get this little guy into our house.  After a year of paperwork being misplaced, details being lost, and two caseworkers working through the courts, we brought him home today. Adoption […]

A Cleanse


You ever go through a stage where you just want everything in your life to be clean?  I’m certainly in one of those stages in my life right now and not just physical cleanliness like the cleanliness of a room;  I’m also cleaning up the way I organize my computer files at work, tossing out […]

Those who have shedding dogs will feel the pain in this post.  Today we got fed up with the little pieces and patches of Hatch’s dog hair we have in our house, on our clothes, in our car, and just about any place we associate ourselves with! We went to the car and vacuumed every […]