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I’m a coffee lover. There’s just something about sipping that hot goodness out of a cup that really soothes my soul. It really doesn’t matter what time of day it is, I’m good to go on a cup of joe. Even during the summertime, I drink two cups a day minimum. We collect mugs and […]

A Cleanse


You ever go through a stage where you just want everything in your life to be clean?  I’m certainly in one of those stages in my life right now and not just physical cleanliness like the cleanliness of a room;  I’m also cleaning up the way I organize my computer files at work, tossing out […]

Black Jack Taco


While watching football yesterday, I probably saw Taco Bell’s Black Jack taco commercial at least half a dozen times.  The advertising boys did their jobs well, because today, I had a massive craving for the new three cheese, black pepperjack taco from America’s favorite mexican fast food joint. The taco was just okay… nothing special […]



You to hear something sad?  Sometimes… the only thing to get me motivated to go to the gym is the joy I have from drinking the smoothie that follows.  The sweating, the pain, and the muscle aches the next day all are worth it just for that fifteen minutes of goodness coming in a 24 […]